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How to Install Debian on an Eee PC 900HA

I just picked up an Asus Eee PC 900HA. It, currently, has the best mix of size, cost, and capabilities for what I want in a netbook. I'm keeping Windows on it to use Ableton Live and for "just in case" purposes. Here's documentation of what I've done to re-partition, keeping the provided Windows installation, and install Debian testing.

  1. Download and repartition using a GParted bootable USB drive. I used the Windows-based choice 3.
  2. Make sure to set the USB disk as higher priority than the internal drive, or else it'll boot from the HD every time.
  3. My drive came partitioned into four partitions:
    1. Windows boot (~80 GB)
    2. Windows free (empty, ~60 GB)
    3. Windows restore partition (~8 GB)
    4. Extra restore info? (~40 MB)
    You should be safe deleting all but the first partition and going from there, but it's not as if I'm wanting for space on this netbook, so I let 'em stay.
  4. Follow the instructions on this page of the Debian installation manual.
To be continued...

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