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How to create a custom Debian package

I'm nowhere close to having the knowledge of a true Debian Developer, but I've used the OS enough to want to create my own packages. In this circumstance, I wanted a newer version of evilwm (it's 1.0.0 in the repo, and 1.0.1 is the newest release) and I wanted to change the mouse button behaviour. The steps I followed (I'm sure there's a cleaner way -- do inform me).

  1. apt-get install devscripts build-essential
  2. apt-get build-dep evilwm
  3. apt-get source evilwm
  4. Patch/hack away...
  5. debchange -n and document your non-maintainer changes
  6. debuild -us -uc so we don't try to sign it
  7. dpkg -i the resultant package

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