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How to set up the QT4 WikiReader simulator in Debian unstable

  1. Certain build scripts require Python 2.6, so find some way to install it (Debian experimental, by source, etc.)
  2. apt-get install libqt4-dev qt4-qmake netpbm gforth build-essential php5-cli sqlite3
  3. git clone git://github.com/wikireader/wikireader.git
  4. cd wikireader/samo-lib/include
  5. Copy config.h-default to config.h and uncomment the SIMULATOR #define.
  6. make qt4-simulator
  7. Breakage will occur. Be merciless with hackage! I had to change a few lines of C and asm when functions weren't defined, etc.
  8. mkdir image work
  9. make DESTDIR=image WORKDIR=work XML_FILES=xml-file-samples/japanese_architects.xml index parse render combine (per doc/QuickStart)
  10. make DESTDIR=image install
  11. cp host-tools/qt4-simulator/bin/wikisim image/
  12. cd image
  13. ./wikisim
  14. It will segfault soon enough, but you'll hopefully be able to get in a bit of reading on Japanese architects. Good luck!

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