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Setting up IPv6 with Sonic.net and an OpenWRT Router

This uses the newer 6rd mechanism instead of the 6in4 tunnels, so other documentation you enounter may inapplicable. I'm using nightly builds; YMMV with stable builds.

  1. Enable "LAN Subport" on the equipment provided by Sonic.net for your OpenWRT router (might work with double NAT, haven't tried)
  2. On your router: opkg update && opkg install 6rd (if it complains about version conflicts, try flashing the most recent build)
  3. Make the wan6 entry in your /etc/config/network look like so:
    config interface 'wan6'
            option proto '6rd'
            option peeraddr ''
            option ip6prefix '2602:240::'
            option ip6prefixlen '28'
  4. /etc/init.d/networking restart
  5. Disconnect and reconnect your machine, and IPv6 autoconfiguration should be good to go.
Addresses were taken from this post on the Sonic.net forums, and configuration for OpenWRT from here.

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