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Does Ableton Live work on an Eee PC 900HA?

Very much so. With two decks, equalizers, and a few other affects, CPU usage doesn't appear to go higher than ~20% or so. This may just become my new gig rig!

Just make sure to install QuickTime if MP3s are at all part of your setup. Cheers.

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How to configure and make gcc with GRAPHITE

Done on a standard Debian installation with a sane toolchain installed.

  1. Download and untar libgmp, configure with ./configure --enable-cxx, and install.
  2. Download, untar, patch (according to their website), configure, and install libmpfr.
  3. You know the drill by now: ppl.
  4. apt-get install automake1.7 (for cloog-ppl)
  5. Who said we were anywhere close to done? cloog-ppl. Its configure script is really picky, though; I had to explicitly use --with-gmp=dir and --with-ppl=dir.
  6. Grab gcc-4.4.0, untar, and configure. These are the options I used (following Debian's gcc -v lead): $ ../gcc-4.4.0/configure --enable-languages=c,c++,fortran --prefix=/home/timdoug/local/ --enable-shared --with-system-zlib --without-included-gettext --enable-threads=posix --with-gmp=/home/timdoug/local/ --with-mpfr=/home/timdoug/local/ --enable-mpfr --with-ppl=/home/timdoug/local/ --with-cloog=/home/timdoug/local/ (note the different object directory!)
  7. The configure script should spit out something like this, amongst its output:
    checking for correct version of gmp.h... yes
    checking for correct version of mpfr.h... yes
    checking for version 0.10 of PPL... yes
    checking for correct version of CLooG... yes
  8. make, and grab a sandwich.
  9. Curse profusely when it doesn't compile.
To be continued...

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